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My name is Will and I am a Sports Massage Therapist for

Massage-Addict in the Leeds and Farsley area.

I specialise in sports massage, which I love as it can be so diverse;

from helping clients recover after tripping over the dog,

to the maintenance of a full time professional athletes.

As someone that enjoys watching and partaking in many different sports.

I love to chat about you and your sport / passions, and what you need

to help you achieve your goals.

Coming from the corporate world I understand

 the strains on the body and mind, and can assist with a program to

help you get the posture and recovery your body needs. 

"I am really excited to use my experience and expertise 

to help others in the community in a practical way."

You will often find me out running on the hills or at the climbing wall,

giving self help tips and tricks to aid recovery

and maybe even a few hints for some shoulder self massage if your lucky!

Behind the Massage

I have had a life-time passion for outside activities,

starting at a young age with hill walking,

wild camping and wild swimming along with distance running,

for which you may see me plodding

(though slowly and possibly lost) in and around Farsley. 

In addition to my outside pursuits, I have practiced karate for over 25 years.


Having recently qualified in sport massage and

stepping back into the sports world following

the decision to make a career change. 


However, this is not as a big a change as you might think,

as there is a lot of crossover from my previous role in construction

as an Occupational Health and Safety professional,

where I was supporting in the reduction of

the types of injuries that I am now helping to heal with massage,

through the use of positive ergonomics, work practices, and exercises.


My intention is to continue my learning in sports massage and therapy

through further formal qualification to help ensure that

I am able to give the most professional service possible

to all those I am to support in their recoveries

and am really excited about helping others

in the community in a practical way.

Working Days:

Monday 8am - 8pm

Tuesday 8am - 8pm

Wednesday 8pm - 8pm


Holistic Sport Massage

Sport Massage

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