Daniel   Cawley

Welcome to our site.

My name is Daniel Cawley and I am a Massage Therapist for

Massage-Addict in the Leeds and Farsley area.

I specialise as a Sports Massage therapist, 

with the aim to get anyone and everyone back to their

sport and the activities they love

through the means of massage, stretching and exercises.


After working in the events and hospitality for the best part of a decade, both as a volunteer and employee, I decided to change my career path and

retrained to be a Massage Therapist.

I eventually came to that conclusion while working in the French Alps as a Chalet Manager, working 60 plus hours per week and realised that my work,

life balance was at the wrong end of the spectrum.


I have been working as a Sports Massage Therapist for a while now 

and have gained valuable experience within the industry.

My first massage job was working for a  5 star spa,

performing high-end massages on high-end clients.

This position taught me my craft of completing massage after massage,

8 hours a day, 6 days a weeks

whilst keeping to high standards and level of care.

I can tell you, my hands were very tired by the end of the week.

Returning to the French Alps was my next stop,

to try out my new found 5 star skills. 

An amazing place to work, and where I found

my true passion, of sports rehabilitation massage.

Many people who go skiing end up falling over on the snow and

are in need of a massage.

I really enjoy the challenge of meeting someone new,

finding out what their issue is and helping them get back

on the slopes as quick as possible.

"Seeing people walk into my massage room stiff

and leave feeling better gives me great satisfaction that

I am doing the right job."


Another element of massage that I truly love is pregnancy massage.

Helping a mother to be relax for an hour,

take time for herself and not have to worry about anything else,

whilst getting ready for her world to change forever. 

I felt truly blessed to be a help in that situation.

After returning from France, Heather and I decided to pursue

what we both love a little closer to home.

I am really excited about our journey with Massage-Addict  and

look forward to what the future holds.

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