What to Expect

What is a facial?

We have carefully selected facial kits to optimise your skin and help to rejuvenate and refresh

your bodies' largest organ (I kid you not!)

not matter what shape you are.

We really put our skin through a lot in our everyday lives.

From central heating (temperature change and dry atmospheres) to daily abrasions from everyday activities.

Our process is simple, for a 60 minute we do a full sequence of Cleanse, tone, mask, exfoliate, oil and moisturise with a nice head or foot massage whilst your mask does its magic. 

Our deluxe 90 minute treatment includes an express facial (Cleanse, tone, Mask (quick setting) and moisturise. Followed by a full body or customised massage. 

Relaxing Facial

What happens in an

aromatherapy and relaxation massage?

This is a tailored treatment to you and your needs to relax and get the most out of the massage.

Your choices from type of music, silence or chatting, down to the style of massage and oils used. 


At the start we have a consultation, this will help to guide us on how you would like your massage. This also includes information we, as a practitioners, need to be aware of;.

For example, medical conditions and medication, as this could effect the areas that are massaged and the oils used.

You will then choose out of the selection of pre-blended massage oils, and essential diffuser oils of which

you would like to be used.

This tends to be a softer massage with general strokes

over the the whole body.

Gently guiding you into the realms of tranquillity.

If your feeling really anxious or stressed,

a specific head, tummy and foot massage

as part of the treatment could do you a world of good,

by stimulating your "relaxation" nervous system through gentle massage and holds. 

What to wear:

We recommend to wear comfortable underwear for this treatment. You will be covered by a towel during the treatment.

We would recommend wearing garments that you don't mind smelling of essential oils until they are washed.

facial KEso.jpg

What products do we use?

We *currently use Kaeso and Neal's Yard Remedies as our facial products as they are ethically sourced, minimum additives, **Organic and beautiful on the skin for both therapist and client.

Note from Heather:

As a Neal's Yard consultant I have found a lot of

my clients love the Frankincense range, not only for it's youthful anti-aging properties but also for its

delicate smell and velvety texture.

A touch of Luxury!

Kaeso is a product I have used for facials for its sensitive nature on the skin and the environment.

It has the most beautiful natural fragrances that really makes your skin feel WOW!

*We retain the right to change products as required

**On Certain products but not all