How to Choose?


How do you feel?


How do you want to feel?


Do you want niggles/pain eased?


What's your
head space need?

Here to help...

  • We like to break it down into the steps above, as massage can be a voyage, how you want to feel at the end can dictate the course you take through our treatments.

  • If you struggle to relax generally or through touch, a Hot Stone Massage can really give that extra touch of zen to ease you into the world of relaxation. 

  • Holistic looks more at the full body and the emotional areas your body can hold tension, you don't have to believe in chakras for it to work for you. 

  • If your after a deep tissue with relaxing and maybe a couple of small niggles being worked on, Hot Stone Massage or Holistic is great!

  • Relaxation Massage should never be underrated, great if you want to zone out and let the aromas take you on your journey. This is quite a superficial massage in depth, this is so we can minimise interruptions through conversation if you want to completely shut off from the massage.

  • We do recommend having a slightly deeper massage now and again to ease out life's niggles, just as we recommend a relaxation massage every now and again for those of you that like a deeper maintenance or focused massage. 



Holistic Massage looks at balancing the mind, body and energy of the body.

This wholesome treatment is individualised to you and your needs. 

From lymphatic drainage, sorting niggles to energy work. 


60 min  - £50

90 min - £70

120 min - £90

180 min - £135*

*On request*

Therapist doing relaxing hot stone massa

Hot Stone


Hot & Cold Stone Massage is not only a perfect treatment for relaxation,

but has amazing healing properties for injury recovery and ostioarthritis.

A treat for the whole body 'head to toe', or specific areas such as face, back and feet.


60 min  - £55

90 min - £80

120 min - £95

*Need to book in advance*

Match your mood, to the beautiful aroma of our oils

An aroma can take you on a journey, or remind you of a time. 
Choose your aroma from our high end UK produced oils from Tisserand and Neals Yard Remedies.



         & Relaxation                                      Massage


60 min  - £55

90 min - £75

*Please indicate any allergies*

A mixture of treatment options from Facial and head massage to a top to toe treatment with relaxation massage and facial.

Take your pick from our top quality skin product to compliment our relaxation oils.


60 min  - £55

90 min - £80

*Please indicate any allergies*

Man Getting a Facial

Facial &                                      Massage