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Rest . Breathe . Move


Sarah Mclaughlin

Hi I'm Sarah a 300hr qualified yoga teacher and the owner of Anahata Yoga Leeds. 

Who am I?

It is my passion to offer a yoga practice that is accessible to all bodies and I strive to make sure

everyone feels that yoga is available to them in some way.

Following the diagnosis of a neurological condition a few years ago, I went from being fully able bodied and strong

to losing lack of power and feeling in my arms and legs and dealing with chronic fatigue.

My yoga practice has allowed me to continue with my life to the best of my abilities and

focus not only on my physical strength but my mental wellbeing as well.


What I do:

Qualified in Vinyasa Flow, Children's Yoga, Pre Natal (that's the qualification I am doing now - almost there)

and yoga for fitness/sport.

I decided I wanted to offer something more specific and attended a training course in Glasgow designed to help those with addictions or who have suffered extreme trauma.

Since completing this training (originally designed to be delivered in prisons) I have worked closely with a Leeds based homeless charity offering mindful movement to people in their rehabilitation programme.


This has really opened up my eyes to the power of a yoga practice

outside the modern yoga classes you see today.


I opened the studio to create a friendly, community space where there was something for

everyone to enjoy and for friendships to be built.

With a small selection of teachers with similar mindsets to myself the studio continues to grow and develop,

with offerings such as body positivity yoga, rest and reset workshops

and a vast range of different yoga practices to suit everyone.

What can I do for you?

Through movement, breathwork and mindfulness we create a safe place for your body to learn to trust in itself again. through 1:1 classes or small intimate classes we aim to create a positive atmosphere to develop and

flourish in your recovery.

Small steps can make the biggest changes.

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