What is it for?

Sports Massage encompasses

injury management and body maintenance 

from sport and everyday life.


This is not just for sport injuries,

this can be repetitive strain,

neck and shoulder pain from work,

back ache from sleeping badly to 

knee pain from tripping over the dog.

We're here to help with general life injuries

 and deep tissue maintenance. 

A 30 minute massage is great

if you are wanting a quick maintenance massage between activities,

or an area specific massage

like neck and shoulders.

But we would recommend a 60 minute

for your first treatment to

get the most out of your massage.

In a session that is 60 minutes or more

we look at the whole body and how it's effected. Together we work out what is triggering your injury and/or discomfort, and working together to get you back doing the activities that you love.

Muscular Man suffering from back and nec

What to Expect

What happens in a Sports Massage?

We start by assessing your movement in the affected area, working through simple movement tests and stretches to see which areas need looking at.

Believe it or not some lower back pain

can come from your shoulders or your inner thigh! 

This is why we have to do movement tests to see

what is compensating or needs a little

wake up to work properly.

We then pop you on the bed and use stretches,

trigger point and pinning techniques along with

some active release movements, and

not forgetting a nice warm up massage.

This isn't a quiet treatment,

we need to get feedback as we go

to make sure we get the right spots and

know when our massage is working or not.

We often give exercises at the end to aid your recovery, we try and make it as easy as possible for you to do

to encourage your recovery 

between sessions.

Does it hurt?

Here at massage Massage-Addict we are

NOT believers of  'no pain, no gain'

we however, believe that we can ease your soft tissue without causing to much irritation.

You may feel some discomfort in the massage,

but we will try to keep this to a

minimum through warming muscles up

and using specific 'trigger' and stretch techniques.

What to wear:

We would advise arriving in flexible, stretchy shorts, or sensible underwear you don't mind moving around in. 


You can also bring them with you and change on site.