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Here at Massage-Addict we are pleased that we can support, local athletes in their week by week  recovery.


Currently we support five professional triathletes:

Georgia Taylor-Brown, Tom Bishop, Sian Rainsley and Sam Dickinson.


Georgia Taylor-Brown

Career highlight
Placing 3rd in the World Triathlon Series In 2018 and 2019

The guys at Massage Addict have played a big part to my recovery between sessions. Training is pretty intense so it’s always important for me get a massage so I’m ready to hit the next session. They are always so happy and welcoming and, we get to bring our little doggy!


Tom Bishop

Career highlight 

U23 European Bronze medalist 

Massage addict has been influential towards my 2021 season. It has enabled me to train more consistently due to enhanced recovery & prevention of niggles. Thanks to massage addict I have been able to step up to compete in my first World Series race.


Sian Rainsley

Career Highlight

Competing in the commonwealth games in 2018

I’ve really appreciated the service Massage Addict has offered me in my preparation for the triathlon season. Not only does it help to boost my recovery from hard sessions, it also helps to relieve stress from high pressure sport.


Sam Dickinson

Career Highlight

World Cup (level below WTS) win in Karlovy Vary 2019

Massage Addict has the friendliest staff and always accommodates my session around my busy schedule! So relaxing too!! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a massage sports or relaxing

Our athletes program not only provides maintenance massage to ease aches and pains,

but can cater for strength and mobility tests and dysfunctions to get the best out of yourself during your sport.


We can create an individualised program for you and your sport requirements.

On your journey to full health, if outside of our scope of practise

we can *collaborate with other professionals to make sure

you get the best care possible for you and your needs.

Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

High Intense Sport

Maintenance Massage

Recovery Massage

Great for sport instructors,

3+ a week gym goers,

Cross fit athletes, runners and weightlifters to name but a few!

If you need a regular maintenance massage to help decrease those DOMS's and aid better recovery for your next session. 

30 minute massage sessions once or twice a week can make a huge difference for your body recovery. 

Playing Soccer

Competitive Sport

Maintenance Massage

Injury Management

Great for footballers, triathletes, runners, boxers, swimmers, horse riders to name just a few!


We create a program

around your training

schedule and your


We would recommend a membership, to enable your massages to accrue while you're away competing, giving you a  longer massage when you need it most on your return.

*With client permission

Crossing the Finish Line

Professional Athletes

Maintenance Massage

Injury Management

We offer a professional

athletes membership,

enabling us to be part of your

care and wellbeing team.


We can collaborate* with you and your team to get the best out of your training for

your competitions. 

With competitive sport we  recommend a membership, to enable your massages to accrue while you're away competing, giving you a  longer massage when you need it most on your return.

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If you are interested in our athletes program for competitive sport and high level sport,

Please contact Dan at Massage-addict and he will talk you through the options.

Crossing the Finish Line

Want to hear more?

In this beautiful weather we have been supper busy! As you might have seen, we have decide
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