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Rest . Breathe . Restore

Heather Davies



Who am I?

Hi I am Heather one of the owners and practitioners at Massage-Addict UK.

I specialise in Holistic and sport massage.


What can massage do for you?

Through working with a small group of Long Covid-19 clients referred from the

Leeds NHS Long Covid department,

I have noticed both differences and similarities between our individual clients and

the needs their bodies require during Long Covid recovery.

Many Long Covid clients suffer with things we can help with such as

headaches, breathing difficulties, back ache, anxiety and fatigue.

Some issue that are beyond my personal scope are hormonal changes,

skeletal issues in the thoracic area, and

mental health issues (from the roller coaster ride of recovery),

which is why we have a very capable network of professionals 

to help on the journey to recovery.


I have honed the treatment processes of hot stones, breathing techniques and

special massage techniques that encourages your thoracic (rib cage) area to ease,

and to allow you to rebuild your breathing and movement again.

Through the process of Long Covid your body feels like it is continuously under threat,

this not only affects your subconscious but also physically within your body.

Through specific breathing techniques and trigger points (specific places I press and hold)

I activate your 'Rest and digest' response which is your relaxation state. 

Hot stones are used on many of the first treatments

as it reduces tension and calms the sensory nerves to touch.

I have brought together a close working team that are highly professional and down to earth,

we see each of you as individuals with unique needs and requirements

that means we can help give you the best foundation possible to build your recovery upon.


Booking Tips:​

For your first booking I would recommend a 90 minute session to get the most out of your consultation and massage.

The first few massages we often recommend to be 90 minute sessions, as your body needs slow progressive massage which takes time.


As we progress your massages become less frequent and down to 60 minute sessions as maintenance and deeper work come into play.

We are happy to do 60 minute sessions throughout but your results may take longer to achieve at the start.

We do have a discounted Recovery Bundle, but we would highly recommend coming for your first massage to try us out before buying a bundle or

becoming a member. 

Long Covid Specific Appoinments

  • Covid Recovery - specific to pain and symptom management.

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    1 hr 30 min

    70 British pounds
  • Covid Recovery - specific to pain and symptom management.

    Read More

    1 hr

    50 British pounds
  • Covid Recovery - specific to pain and symptom management.

    Read More

    2 hr

    90 British pounds
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