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What to Expect

What is it?

Post-Prenatal massages are adapted for the physical changes you go through during and after pregnancy.

We can adapt the massage to how you feel emotionally and physically on the day.

As in the world of babies, no day is ever the same. 

We understand that sometimes you need just to 'zen out' after too many sleepless nights or you fell like you want to work out those achy muscles, we take each treatment on an individual basis, to make sure you get what you need from your massage.

What happens in it?

Unlike the pregnancy massage you generally lye on your front and back in post-partum massages, however breast tenderness and 'C sections' can make this uncomfortable. We go with how you feel comfortable, we can offer pillows for extra support or to aid comfort.

We go through a consultation form including any 

extra things such as complications that we may need to be aware of, or any medication you are currently taking. We need to also know how you would like to

feel at the end of your massage,

and the style of massage you would like.

It's all about you...

We often do a mixed massage for the first treatment.

This includes hot stones massage, stretches across the chest, mobility in the shoulder and work into the arms.

This is incorporated as part of a full or area specific massage.

We have found new parents hold their babies in an unaccustomed position for their body

(for example bottle/breast feeding,

soothing, carrying around), a bit like an upper body workout day and night.

This Causes a build up of muscle tension

in the shoulder and neck area.

Often the area between the shoulder blades is too sensitive to use normal massage techniques for the

first session, at least due to the muscle stretching to allow the new movements. 

Lower back can often be an issue from doing squats and lifting at unconventional angles for your body.

This is also a common area we look at in

new mums and dads.

Hips are also an area to consider,

as many of us pop little ones on our hips

as a natural way of

holding a child once they can support themselves. 

Does it hurt?

Here at massage Massage-Addict we are

NOT believers of

'no pain, no gain' we however, believe that we can

ease your soft tissue without causing to much irritation. You may feel some discomfort in the massage,

but we will try to keep this to a minimum

through warming muscles with hot stones and using

specific 'trigger' techniques.

Happy Baby

What to wear:

We recommend to wear comfortable underwear for this treatment. You will be covered by a towel during the treatment.

We can do this fully clothed, and this can be done on a chair. 


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