At Massage-Addict we have seen a growing need for Covid-19 and Long-Covid recovery and rehabilitation in the local area and beyond. Through lockdown we were blessed with working with some incredible ladies at helping them through this condition and on the road to a more active recovery.

Through mixed medium treatment and working alongside other professionals we can help you get back on your feet by taking baby steps in the right direction. 

Long Covid

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Long Covid is very much a bit of a roller coaster ride, with it's ups and downs both physically and emotionally.

Some days you will feel like you are almost better, but the next you feel like you're back 10 steps! 

The journey is individual and every client that comes into our clinic will always be treated as such, so together we work out what works for you and your bodies recovery.

We have put together a team that can hold your hand whilst you make a stand to move forward on the journey to get well again. 


Meet  theTeam

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Susannah Barnes

Talking Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Stress Management

Body Awareness

Breathwork & Meditation

Relaxation & Rest


Heather Davies

Holistic Massage

Thoracic Massage (Chest area)

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stones



Sarah Mclaughlin

300hr Yoga Instructor

Vinyasa Flow

Children's Yoga

Pre Natal

Yoga for Sport

Yoga for Trauma

We will all do an individual consultation, taking your journey into consideration.

We welcome you to try our introductory package, this can help us work together and find what work for you.

We are a part of a network of practitioners that we can bring in to tailor your support package.

Chatting Over Coffee

Why a talking therapy?

Long Covid is a long road of recovery which can be emotionally and mentally challenging. 

Whilst the flight and fight response to a serious illness can be physically challenging, it takes both the mind and body working together to help you recover, adjust and move forwards.

In my counselling sessions I bring together insights from 20+ years of

experience and study:


  • Tools and theoretical ideas from social science, psychology, neuroscience and evolution as applied to mental health


  • Deep listening and understanding through conversation, creativity and spending time in nature


  • Body based wisdoms to help you rest and recover, that come from exploring your own movements, breathing, posture and habits.

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1:1 Sessions

Face to Face:

30 minutes - £30

60 minutes - £60


30 minutes - £25

60 Minutes - £45

Taster sessions:

4 x 30 minute sessions


Includes extra 15 minutes intro chat



Why Massage Helps?

Looking at how Long Covid affects

you and your body.

We create a treatment plan that works

for you and your journey.

One of the common side effects of

Long Covid is a limited breathing capacity, we can use hot stones to ease the muscle, followed by gentle forms of massage to release your thoracic area (Rib cage) to breathe and relax again.

Learning to trust your body is a key element of all the treatments, as your brains subconscious is in fight or flight and we need to "trick it" to relax and feel that it is safe to start you recovery.

Through different walks of life I have experience in working with chronic pain, anxiety and mobility recovery.

We work together to get the best treatment for you and your body through:

  • Hot Stones 

  • ​Myofascial Release​

  • Gentle massage ​

  • Mobility stretches

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60 Minute - £55

90 Minute - £75


Block booking - Deluxe Zen Package 


1:1 Sessions

Face to Face:

30 minutes - £25

60 minutes - £50

Group (4 max):

30 minutes - £10

Taster sessions:

4 x 15 minute sessions

pre-recorded online


Yoga Class

Why Recovery Yoga?

Your body is likely to be shut down, feeling vulnerable and sending mixed messages about fatigue, pain and how you feel emotionally.


Long Covid is a long road of recovery, but getting gentle movement, teaching your body to breathe again!

Learning to trust your body, and how it needs to heal. 

I have used Yoga to aid my own recovery as well as for others throughout my career


  • Through movement, breathwork and mindfulness we create a safe place for your body to learn to trust itself again.


  • Through 1:1 classes or small intimate classes we aim to create a positive atmosphere to develop and

flourish in your recovery.

  • Small steps can make the biggest changes.

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