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Our Services

It's a wellness journey, we meet you where you are at...
and help you get to your destination.

Our highly trained therapists listen to you and your individual needs, to help you get back on track

Together we build a tailored massage programme that is specific to you.

We meet you where you are at.

With every step we are on hand to give you support when you need it most

Private clinic,


Cleadon Park area

Why come to us at massage addict?

We feel that we offer quite a unique skill set and treatment process.

Not only does Massage-Addict cater from pregnancy to holistic sport massage,

we also don't have a set routine.

Both of us really do taylor the massage to you as an individual!

We specialise in what we like to call "Holistic Sport Massage"

This treatment naturally evolved with a combination of looking at the body holistically,

using sports and holistic techniques to get maximum results with minimum discomfort. 

Looking at the body holistically means looking at the body as a whole, as your right shoulder might be feeling the pain but it could be coming from your left hip.

We use a multitude of tools and techniques such as hot stones, cupping, myofascial release and deep tissue work amongst many other advanced sports techniques.

If you would like to discuss our treatments or techniques further, we are more than happy to

"geek out" about our world of massage, and help you to understand

what and why we do, what we do. 

Meet The Team



Sports Massage

Holistic Sports Massage

Myofascial Cupping

Relaxation & Aroma Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Pre & Pregnancy Massage

Sports Event Massage

Corporate Massage

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Holistic Sports Massage

Sport Massage

Holistic Massage

Relaxation & Aroma Massage

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Pre & Post Pregnancy Massage

Sports Event Massage

Corporate Massage

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Team Associates

Crossing the Finish Line


Check out the amazing

professional  athletes

we support in the Leeds area.

Learn about what we can offer you,

no matter what level or

type of sport you do. 

Maintain - Recover - Improve

Athletes Program



Our membership is designed

for you our clients to 

get the best out of your body.

With a discounted monthly massage

that you can

Use, bank or gift!

We believe that a monthly massage

is key to maintaining body health,

whether this is from 

work, sport or injury.

Please click the link below to 

learn more about

our membership.

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Out team of professionals are equipped to assess and progress your recovery in a holistic progress. 

We meet you where you are at and take you step by step on the rollercoaster journey that is Covid-19 and Long Covid. 

We take care of your

mind, body and movement. 

Experience of working alongside medical professionals  in the Leeds NHS and Long Covid department.

Through Counselling, Body work and movement we can hold your hand as you start to become you again. 

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