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Handy tips to keep you feeling your best this Autumn!

Welcome to my top tips for feeling your best this Autumn...As some one who loves Autumn this is my favourite time of year...but my body is not a fan!!!

There's no such thing as bad weather...
Just bad kit & preparation!

Working in the outdoors as an outdoor sports instructor, really does give you this perspective within reason...I respect what "mother nature" creates and am not going up Ben Nevis in a snow storm (for example).

So, layering from the skin up is essential!!


Fingers and Toes

Raynaud's is a really common condition where your fingers and toes go yellow

(similar to the Simpsons). With this comes really dry skin on your hands and feet!

If you are on your feet a lot there are two creams I would recommend:

Body shop Hemp cream

Neutrogena Foot cream

(the hand one is good but the foot one is better for really dry hands and feet!)

For your hands:

I do find hand cream is surprisingly a very personal journey for most people.

With so many more alcohol gels being used at the moment, moisturising is even more important.

A good sanitiser is dermosecure with aloe vera for keeping moisture in.

Bee moisturiser and rose beauty balm is great...but if you are on technology it can leave oily residue.

The Neutrogena hand is good if you use technology, works well without the greasy marks.

For all year round face cream -

Despite selling beauty products I am not a high maintenance kind of lady!

The Rose beauty balm from Neals yard is amazing!!!

I kid you not!!!

I have used it for eczema, sun burn, wind burn, mask acne, on my feet, lips and elbows and as a general mask or face wash.

The healing and antioxidant properties of Rose hips and the blend of essential oils they use make this an amazing product! It is a bit heavy for everyday use in summer

but in winter it's perfect!


Your fingernail wicks - Some how over the colder months, everyone seems to fall prey of overgrown wicks and tags on the side of the nail. you don't need to go to a beauty salon to sort these out! a few simple scraper tools to push them back and cutting off

the tags (not pulling) will keep your finger in top form.

This is best done after a bath/shower when you moisturise.

Heres a wiki how to help out:

Gloves & Socks

Base layer gloves and socks are amazing!!!!

These don't have to be expensive, but they do need to fit properly.

Gloves - need to fit like a glove and leave as little gaps as possible!

Socks - Need to give you some room to move your toes as when you put a second sock on it can squish your toes.

Wrist warmers and cozy long sleeve jumpers - Keeping your wrists warm has been proven to keep more warmth in than a hat...but also a good thing to take off or role up if you need to cool down as you'r walking along.

Smitten by Mittens

Mittens over base layer gloves are the ultimate set up!!

I would say go wool or waterproof if possible as this will give you the extra warmth when the wind gets up.

Seal skin gloves are also pretty good, I like to put a silk base layer glove under if I'm heading up mountains or some "magic" gloves (the stretchy ones) do the trick.

Hold onto your hats!

Hats are still important to keep you warm!

They keep your head dry and breeze free, even better with a scarf or buff combo to keep your neck warm...maybe there's something in the old wives tale to "stop head colds"?

If you get neck and shoulder pain, it really does seem to make it worse

if you let the cold breeze get to it.

Buffs are super handy in that they are so adaptable for ears, wrists, neck or even as a hair band! There are different brands and they all do a similar job unless you want UV protection or other additional values.


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