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TriHard Helvellyn...Pre & Post Event Massage

At massage addict we have done plenty of pre & post event/sport massage all over the EU and UK.

What is Pre & Post Sports Massage?

Pre sport/event massage

This happens before your activity begins, usually starting off with stretches and movements to get your body moving. The style of massage flows into a fast paced, exhilarating massage to get your body flowing and ready to attack your chosen sport. It gets your the heart rate up, literally gets your blood pumping faster getting plenty of oxygen to those cold muscles.

This is great if:

  • You have quite a slow start hanging around or if you are going straight into the activity without sufficient time to warm up.

  • If you take a little longer than most to limber up and get going this is definitely something to try.

  • I have also found from experience, that if you are susceptible to cramp that isn't dietary or dehydration induced, it can lower the chances of getting a cramp during the activity.

  • Pre-sport massage combined with post-massage can really speed up recovery.

Post sport/event massage

After putting your body & mind through its paces, it's time to really calm the nervous system down through holds & Stretches. Slow firm massage movements aid the body in flushing out any remaining lactic acid in the muscles, this encourages a vacuum type of effect that brings fresh oxygenated blood back into the muscles, whilst breaking up fibres that are stuck together. This tends to fast forward recovery, making those 'DOMS' easier to handle.

This is great if:

  • You have really pushed your body, I can not rate it enough in aiding your body back to a level of homeostasis. When you go through that 'wall' your body is on full power, when you stop your body is still in a heightened state needing to know its safe to calm down and regain normal functions. In extreme cases you body can go into a form of "shock"

  • If you get "DOMS" which is a Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness, this can really aid in reducing that "peg legged" feeling. It can super speed up your recovery if you pop some pre-massage before the event.

  • If you get injury niggles, this is a great way to calm the body, help flush through any swelling (unless its an acute injury) like cankles, or areas such as hand and wrist where your body has pushed so hard you body hasn't managed to get that lymphatic system up to the same speed (this is my understanding).

  • Have a safe space to sit and breath, often events can be crowded and over stimulating, especially if your brain is still in competition mode.

How does this effect you when or if you don't compete?

If your planning a BIG bike ride, run, climb or even a walk you'll feel the benefit of a 30 minute massage (preferably within that first 24hour window after the activity). Just like the "post event massage" it will flush your muscles and get them recovering efficiently.

If you go to the gym, do home workouts, or take yourself for a run you still require self maintenance to keep your body in "tip-top" condition. we suggest as a basic care plan once a month-twice a month if you have no niggles. But if you require a bit of work to get your body balanced and efficiently you may need a massages weekly for a month or so until you are moving in the best possible way for you and your body.

At Massage-Addict we love getting out and doing sport ourselves so we know how important it is to get massage, but also how easy it it to ignore those little niggles that suddenly become something bigger as we progress.

If there are things you think we can do, to encourage you to get regular massages, let us know!

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