What is it?

Prenatal massages are adapted for the physical changes you go through during pregnancy.

We can adapt the massage to how you feel emotionally and physically on the day. We have allowed extra time for much needed movement and toilet breaks. It is important to us that you are as comfortable as possible.


What happens in it?

In a traditional massage, you might spend half the time lying face-down (which is uncomfortable with a baby belly) and half the time facing up

(This can disrupt blood flow to your baby, and cause you to feel unwell).


as your shape and posture changes, we will make adaptations with cushioning whilst you lie on your side, making sure your are as comfortable an

well supported as possible.

What to Expect

Is it Safe?

Maternal massages are generally considered safe after the first trimester, as long as you get the green light from you *GP/Midwife. But you’ll want to avoid massage during the first three months of pregnancy as it may trigger dizziness and add to morning sickness.

Despite myths you might have heard, there’s is no magic eject button that will accidentally disrupt your pregnancy, and there isn't much solid scientific proof that specific types of massage can have an effect one way or the other. We do however just in case, avoid certain pressure points, including the one between the anklebone and heel. 


We are also really careful on the essential oils we use, again their is low level evidence of certain essential oils that can trigger labour, but we want to keep you and the

baby as safe as possible.

What are the benefits of Prenatal massage?

Your body is going through an incredible amount of change, and muscles ache that you never even knew existed.

We are here to relax those muscles, ease the aches and help get back some calm into your world.

Heather can do some basic lymphatic drainage on your legs and hands to help ease swollen areas (as long as that swelling isn't a result of preeclampsia).

Sleep easier as we gently flush the lymphatic system through massage, which detoxes your system. Massage helps release hormones that give you a feel good boost which helps balance your hormones to catch those ZZZ's.

Our oil choice of jojoba adds to the benefits of our treatments, being full of vitamin E to aid skin recovery and elasticity. Whilst moisturising and nourishing your skin.


Our staff are trained to make the process as easy and as comfortable as possible, giving you healing touch at a time of beautiful chaos. 


What to wear:

We recommend to wear comfortable underwear for this treatment. You will be covered by a towel during the treatment.

We can do this fully clothed, and this can be done on a chair.