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With the Seasons

Talk . Breathe . Move

Susannah Barnes


Who am I?

Hi I am Susannah the owner and practitioner of "With the Seasons".

I am a counsellor based in Farsley, Leeds that can offer talking,

breathwork and movement therapies.


I have worked in corporate environments, the education and charity sectors.

I've collaborated with a wide range of different people and personalities over the

years and approach new projects with an open mind and a warm sense of humour.


I combine information from a variety of sources so that I can bring the most benefit to my clients.

Often different schools of thought can compete against each other to be the one guru or expert.


I am most excited about working in a multidisciplinary way and I think that the new Long Covid Recovery team is an amazing example of different disciplines coming together to offer a

more integrated and robust recovery service.



In my counselling sessions I bring together insights from 20+ years of experience and study:


  • Tools and theoretical ideas from social science, psychology, neuroscience and evolution as applied to mental health


  • Deep listening and understanding through conversation, creativity and spending time in nature


  • Body based wisdoms to help you rest and recover, that come from exploring your own movements, breathing, posture and habits.

Why with the seasons?

The seasons can help us think about the different phases in our lives. When they're beginning, when they're perhaps in the middle, blooming, going well, or when they're over and ending. It might be that a season of our life has ended and we're taking a bit of a pause.


They also let us know about our cycles. Some we might welcome back every year like the new energy of Spring. Other cycles we might have gone round a few times and we'd actually like to get out it.



Topics that often come up in counselling include:


Spring – new beginnings, feeling stuck, looking to grow, dealing with change


Summer – navigating success, bringing an idea to fruition, potential overwhelm


Autumn – reaping rewards, letting go, reflecting, learning, ending something


Winter – rest, recuperation, burnout, time out


Get in touch

Please click on the link below for up to date availability and pricing
With the seasons

Counselling session based in the centre of Farsley, Leeds or Bradford.

For North East customers please look at online counselling as a great opportunity.

I am pleased to be able to offer a *free initial 30 minute consultation for
Massage Addict customers.

*Please mention Massage Addict when you book.



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