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Talk . Breathe . Move

Susannah Barnes

Who am I?

Hi I am Susannah the owner and practitioner of "With the Seasons".

I am a counsellor based in Farsley, Leeds that can offer talking,

breathwork and movement therapies.

What I offer
Would you like to talk to someone while you are having

your treatments with Massage Addict?

I tend to work with people over a few months who want to
reflect on their life, are looking to change or are going through something that
is causing them difficulty.


This could be a current event or something from your past that you have not
had the opportunity to talk about before. Massage treatment can also bring up
unexpected feelings or memories.


I will listen carefully to understand how this is impacting you and ask you
questions to help you look at this in detail – at a pace that is comfortable for
you. I am not going to tell you what you should be doing in your life. My role is
to explore with you what is happening and to help support you in making the
right decisions for yourself.


The sessions are mostly two people talking but there are other things we can
bring in such as drawing or writing, if these are ways that you like to express


I am also trained in breathing techniques and other ways of moving which can
be useful to help you feel relaxed during a session and practiced together to
take with you and use outside of the sessions. They can also offer a break from
talking and provide relief from sitting still for too long.

Beyond the "couch"

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories.

I find it fascinating how everyone is living in a different way and

I don't believe there is a single right way to live.

We are all on a separate journey and

I look forward to meeting you for the time that our paths do cross.


I like to travel.

I also really enjoy coming home again to Farsley, my adopted home and

spending quality time in the village,

which keeps offering us new joys.

You'll hear when you meet me that I'm not from round here.

I started out in Essex but came to Leeds to study Psychology.

I've now been in Yorkshire longer than I ever was in Essex so

I consider myself an adopted Northener even though

some people think I sound Australian?


I enjoy stories, long conversations, reading and learning,

the sun when it comes out in Yorkshire, watching my cat do crazy things,

live music, tiramisu and sleep

(although eating tiramisu just before bed is not recommended).



Get in touch
Please click on the link below for up to date availability and pricing
With the seasons
I am pleased to be able to offer a *free initial 30 minute consultation for
Massage Addict customers.

*Please mention Massage Addict when you book.

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Online and phone

Due to COVID restrictions I am currently offering online and phone sessions at a reduced rate.

I am able to do this as I dial into the sessions from home rather than renting a counselling room.

Some people actually prefer this and find it a convenient and

less intimidating way to try out counselling. 

I am currently suggesting to new clients that we start our therapy online and then there is the potential to look for a room locally if this is of interest in the future.

I am keeping in touch with my clients to stay aware of their preferences.

I am also aware that we could go into another lockdown and so want to remain flexible and offer opportunities to continue working together throughout this time.


Walk and talk

I offer walk and talk sessions where we can spend some time outside.

These create an opportunity to connect with nature and the current season.

Some people can also find walking and talking side by side more comfortable

when exploring difficult topics.

It can feel easier than sitting still and facing another person as you talk.

If your energy levels are low I can bring camping chairs so that we can sit down for

some or all of the session.

The price will vary depending on the location we agree and the length of the session.

This includes me conducting a risk assessment of any new routes beforehand

and again briefly on the day.

In my counselling sessions I bring together insights from

20+ years of experience and study:


  • Tools and theoretical ideas from social science, psychology, neuroscience and evolution as applied to mental health


  • Deep listening and understanding through conversation, creativity and spending time in nature


  • Body based wisdoms to help you rest and recover, that come from exploring your own movements, breathing, posture and habits.

Pink Flower Petals

Why with the seasons?

The seasons can help us think about the different phases in our lives. When they're beginning, when they're perhaps in the middle, blooming, going well, or when they're over and ending. It might be that a season of our life has ended and we're taking a bit of a pause.


They also let us know about our cycles. Some we might welcome back every year like the new energy of Spring.

Other cycles we might have gone round a few times and we'd actually like to get out it.

 Topics that often come up in counselling include:


  Spring – new beginnings, feeling stuck, looking to grow, dealing with change


  Summer – navigating success, bringing an idea to fruition, potential overwhelm


 Autumn – reaping rewards, letting go, reflecting, learning, ending something


  Winter – rest, recuperation, burnout, time out

Get in touch

Please click on the link below for up to date availability and pricing

Counselling session in the centre of Farsley, Leeds or Bradford.

With the seasons




Psychology BSc with Neuroscience 

Certificate in Contemporary Science 

Advanced Diploma in Person Centred Therapeutic Counselling 

Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Certificate in Creative Counselling 

Breathwork and Meditation Practitioner and Coach – Yoga Alliance 

Certification in Embodiment Coaching – Embodiment Unlimited – Ongoing


Working with Dissociation – Carolyn Spring (Trauma Recovery) 

Bringing the Body into Therapy – Trauma Therapy Manchester

Counselling Online Primer 

Dealing with Distress – Carolyn Spring (Trauma Recovery) 

Ecotherapy: Walk and Talk – Creative Counsellor

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