Beat those winter blues...Spring is on it's way!

As we start on the path towards spring, many of the exciting winter events are behind us...don't despair pancake day isn't the only great day of the year! 😉

Between now and the spring, we start to feel the positive and exciting shift as spring unfolds before our eyes...I've already seen a few daffodils and snowdrops emerging from the snow and puddles, therefore spring must almost be in our grasp.

To keep your spirits up as we glide towards Mother's day and Easter, (as the stores remind us), we at Massage-Addict wanted to give you a few tips and tricks to keep you upbeat and full of winter mischief.

Endorphins are amazing at keeping you uplifted and in your "happy zones'. If you are finding it hard to get out and about to get it from exercise, try a more relaxing form such as yoga, eating/drinking chocolate (preferably dark) or even give our couples massage a go as that also has an endorphin effect!

Vitamin D is a powerful vitamin that helps you absorb so many other vitamins and over winter we struggle to get enough from natural sunlight. There are many different forms of supplements. I take a spray and Dan takes an effervescent but you can also take it in a tablet form. Vitamin D can boost your energy and aid body recovery...but this little vitamins list of benefits are huge!!!

We have found with some hand samples that this little beauty, is one of our clients favourite hand fact the samples flew out! They are £10 for a 50ml tube but they go a long way, don't feel greasy and smell amazing!

We hope this little post has helped you to feel a little more uplifted as we take our journey away from winter and towards spring.

Thank you again for all of you who support us in your many different ways!

From liking and sharing our posts, a little hello message or even a wave on the street really lifts our spirits, and we hope we do the same for you...we can't wait to get you all back in our massage clinic!

🤞 We see you all really soon!


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